Thursday, July 17, 2014

Free Download of The Eavesdropper Cafe - Book One: A Private Journey Thru a Public Place

The first volume of Brian "Kojak" Koschak's existential, voyeristic epic The Eavesdropper Cafe, originally self published in 2002, makes its triumphant return to relevancy as a FREE, HIGH RES PDF DOWNLOAD!  40-pages of decadent goodness for your viewing pleasure!  includes the original 22 page first volume, bonus material, and an exclusive 7 page preview of The Eavesdropper Cafe - Book Two:  Escape into Reality.  Volume Three of the series is percolating and coagulating as we speak, so jump on the bandwagon now while it's still parked!

click HERE for your free high res download!  if you would like to drop a donation on the tin cup, i would appreciate it.  if not, please pass on the word about The Eavesdropper Cafe. 


Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Eavesdropper Cafe 10th Anniversary Edition

here it is, (FINALLY) rubber crutch comicks' Tenth Anniversary Edition of the almost completely unknown underground classic "The Eavesdropper Cafe book one: a private journey thru a public place." this 40 page edition features a brand new full color wraparound cover and digitally restored interior art. also included are pre-production sketches, original pencil art, and a 7 page preview of "book two: escape into reality." the book is 5 bucks, ($2.50 s+h for the first copy, .50 for each additional copy) and there will be archival prints available of only the highest possible quality. for ordering info or any other questions you may have. thank you